martes, 25 de agosto de 2009

► Spanglish ..

They are totally in love ! John & Flor :/ they just wanna be alone ! probably it would be the most beautifull love story if they wouldnt have a family.. but guess what ? They DO, and its frustrating how they can't be happy just because they both have a family, and John got married to the wrong woman, and Flor is so right to take her desitions.. I sometimes wish they could just run away, and leave US alone ! yes.. my parents. for their happiness , their heart!
I'm so burrid of you'r lies, my mother screaming at my father, my father screaming to my brothers, if they could just run away.. Please ! I don't think we'd care about you'r responsabilities as parents, we are all tired of you, and for bad as it sound, its true . I hope that you could just do it, one day, for our hapinness also, because we'r not going to be happier if you.. Mum & Dad, keep trying to fix things up, even when you both know, its all FUCKED UP between you two..

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